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You can access detailed information on common problems from here

This section of my web links to a range of common issues or problems that I often encounter in my practice.

In some cases, the information  may be useful in enabling you to tackle the issue for yourself. However, please note that these pages carry general information and are designed to offer background and provide some insight. They are not intended as a programme of therapy or change without proper medical or psychotherapeutic supervision, counselling or guidance.

This information may or may not apply to you specifically as the information is designed for a broad and  general readership. These pages are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or psychotherapeutic care. Always seek the advice and support of a qualified practitioner if you are in any doubt as to how to deal with your problems or difficulties.

If you wish to discuss your situation in more detail, in confidence, I will be happy to arrange an introductory session to help you decide how best to proceed.

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About Me - Background, work history and qualifications of Dr Alan Priest - Counselling locations - where I work (HD2, HD3 & HD7) Directions to Lindley location

Alcohol - Introduction - Controlling Your Drinking - The Role of Alcohol in Your Life - Your Assumptions and Beliefs about Alcohol - Managing High-Risk Situations

Anxiety - Introduction - What Happens When I Get Anxious? - Anxiety Supportive Therapy Group - Avoidance & Generalisation - Panic Attacks

What happens when I get anxious?  Detailed information here

What happens when I get anxious? There's detailed information here

Assertiveness (shyness, low confidence, social anxiety, bullying) - includes a test for lack of assertiveness

Contact Me - details of how to contact me by telephone or e-mail

Counselling Introduction - What is counselling? How does it work? An introduction to counselling for those unfamiliar with it

Depression - About Depression - Sadness & Mild Depression - Moderate & Major Depression - Depression Symptoms - Differences in Depression between Men and Women - Depression Facts - Depression Medication (biological basis of depression)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Counselling & Psychotherapy

Loss, Grief & Bereavement - Coping with Loss, Grief & Bereavement

Panic Attacks - What is a panic attack? Avoiding Panic Attacks - Dealing with Panic Attacks

My Philosophy and Approach to Therapy - How I work and why I work this way

Relaxation Exercise - relaxation is important in defeating anxiety, panic attacks and stress

Sexual and Internet Addiction - Problems and Consequences - Recognising a Problem - Therapy and How it Works

Stress - It's a killer. Find out why here. Holiday Stress - Thinking of getting away from it all? You might be surprised!

Test - To what extent is your functioning impaired? What is your level of anxiety and depression? Is there a risk to your own safety or that of others? A completely confidential, free, online test

Types of Therapy there are loads of different types of counselling and psychotherapy. How do you choose? How different therapies work - Suitability of different approaches for different conditions

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