This is the first in a series of pages on my site dealing with different types of depression. But are you depressed or is it perhaps a perfectly normal reaction to recent or even long-standing life events like loss, change or bereavement? Depression can have a number of causes. It is experienced in a range of forms, of varying severity. Symptoms also vary, becoming more and more disruptive in the life of the sufferer as the depression has a greater and greater impact on their life. Start here, or if you know your problem is more serious, skip to one of the other pages (links) below.

different types of depression different types of depression Mild depression Moderate to severe depression

Medical professionals tend to categorise the different levels of depression, referring to the depression as 'clinical depression' once a certain type and number of symptoms are experienced for a particular length of time.

Mild Depression

Moderate to Severe Depression

Depression symptoms

Depression facts

Depression medication

Test for depression

Different experiences of depression are discussed on the pages above, together with some of the therapeutic options relevant to each type.

There is detailed information here on depression, including a free online test

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